Modern Loft in Lloseta

A completely renovated apartment in the centre of Lloseta featuring an extra glass bedroom in the upper floor which originally was used as a storage area. Assignment commissioned by Interior decorators D’Oliver Mobiliari i Complements in Palma de Mallorca.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Quick snap around the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Compared to the Porsche museum, the Mercedes museum is bigger and has a wider selection of rooms, including old prototypes from the 19th century and special vehicles reserved for V.I.P.s such as the Queen, the Pope, and numerous rock stars. Missing is the exterior of the Museum which wasn’t ready to be photographed due to the weather.

A Stroll Around Moscow

* Recently Updated*
There are very few occasions when a camera ceases to work. One is physical damage. The second is temperature. Welcome to the Moscow set: a series of images captured in the midst of the Russian winter. One has to admire how Muscovites and Russians in general handle such intense weather.

Bulgaria – The Land of Contrast

Bulgaria is a place of many contrasts. Beautiful nature contrasts with poor infrastructure. High end malls and restaurants are surrounded by public spaces in desperate need of renovation. These extreme contrasts can be a great source for street snaps but proved challenging for travel photography since there was always something (or someone) in the frame which looked completely out of place.

Valencia: City of Arts and Sciences

Santiago Calatrava is a world-renowned architect, engineer and sculptor. Already well-known in Europe for his unique design aesthetic, Calatrava is beginning to make a name for himself in the United States. Starting with the Milwaukee Art Museum, he has designed a number of public buildings and bridges in the U.S. in recent years. As both Engineer and Architect, his works take materials like concrete, glass and steel beyond the normal bounds.


Guggenheim Bilbao

As photographers with a passion for architecture, visiting the Guggenheim had always been something of a mission. Having read numerous publications, it was clear that this iconic building was something different. But it wasn’t until we stood in front of this behemoth that we understood how complicated its design was.

Bridge Hopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is easily one of the most impressive German urban photography locations. You have a bit of everything – busy shopping streets with varied nationalities running around, beautiful old buildings, skyscrapers and even a river passing through for golden hour skylines. On a recent business trip to Frankfurt, only a couple of hours one late afternoon were available for photographic endeavours and they were dedicated to some bridge hopping.

Porsche Museum Re-Visited

Featuring ultra modern architecture, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is a marvel of engineering like no other. Each side of the building has a unique facade. What you see in this set is ONE building, photographed from 8 different angles at dusk.


Villa Singular

Futuristic and ultra modern villa in the hills of Bendinat with panoramic sea views and multi-colored LED exterior lighting. This property re-defines the word “life-style” by introducing custom made interior elements such as the emblem “SINGULAR” in each room, and chameleon roof lighting. Capturing the exteriors requires patience, as the cycle of lights is fast enough to cast some odd colour combinations on the sensor if the shutter speed is open for too long.


The Kölner Dom

(Cologne Cathedral)
Quick set of images of the Kölner Dom, a majestic cathedral located on the bank of the Rhine river and a source of inspiration for many photographers. It’s easy to cross the Hohenzollern bridge and walk along the opposite bank of the river to capture dusk images. It is a pleasant stroll especially in nice weather though our particular experience was rather frosty.



A quick afternoon walk through Zaragoza centre with some of our funky lenses. Zaragoza was a pit-stop on the way to Bilbao some months ago. We were interested to see how the city had coped after hosting the World Expo of 2008 – a lucrative, yet ultimately expensive event.



Ortaköy is a charming little neighborhood located at the European side of the Bosphorus strait. It’s one of the most frequented spots at the Bosphorus due to the nice atmosphere and the open views to the Bosphorus bridge connecting Europe and Asia.


Mallorca Cathedral · La Seu

Various exteriors and interiors from Mallorca’s most iconic structure. Getting good shots from La Seu is relatively easy, but the best times are at dusk after a rainy day. Mallorca has the most colorful sunsets after a day of unstable weather.

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