Find a Way

Name: Find a Way – Feat.Jv (Original Classic House Mix)
Artist: Maurice Joshua
Label: Ospina & Oscar Remixes

Dangerous Love & Back to You.

Double Track:

Track 01:
Name: Dangerous Love (Homeplates Deep N Soulful Remix)
Artist: Nicole Mitchell, Divine DJ
Label: (2012)

Nowhere To Go

Artist: Julius Papp
Label: Neo Disco

Want You in My Soul

Artist: Lovebirds, Stee Downes
Label: Winding Road Records

Like I want to

Artist: Lisa Shaw
Album: Hed Kandi: Beach House 91

Spend My Life

Artist: Reelsoul
Label: SOLE Channel (2010)
Feature: Video

Can’t Wait

Artist: Hennings Project Feat. Daryl Strodes
Label: SoWHAT (2011)

Tomorrow – Mr.v’s Sole Channel Main Mix

Artist: Kim English
Label: Nervous

Dance All Night

Artist: Loui & Scibi feat. Andrea Love – Groove Cocktail Classic Mix
Label: Purple Music

Casual People (60 Hertz Project Mix)

Artist: Khanya Balani And Mikki Afflick Feat Nkulli Dube
Label: Soul Sun Soul Music (2012)

Give N Take

Artist: Avi Elman & Danny J Feat. Lifford
Label: soWHAT records

Hang Around

Artist: Ben Westbeech
Album: Welcome to the best years of your life

Can’t Get Enough

Artist: Alex Finkin & Reverend P feat. Jocelyn Mathieu
Label: Animal House AH005

Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix)

Artist: Brazilian Soul Crew
Label: Conya Records

Blues For You

Artist: Logic
Album: Bargrooves Ibiza Beach Party


Artist: Unknown (Do you know this Artist?)
Label: Unknown

On my own (Island Groove Remix)

Artist: Boulevard
Album: On my own

Crazy Day

Label: Wormland White

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