November Sky

A set focused on the Skies of Mallorca during the month of November and December 2015. Most are taken at dusk or sunrise, however a couple are taken during mid-day with clear blue skies.

Modern Loft in Lloseta

A completely renovated apartment in the centre of Lloseta featuring an extra glass bedroom in the upper floor which originally was used as a storage area. Assignment commissioned by Interior decorators D’Oliver Mobiliari i Complements in Palma de Mallorca.

A Stroll Around Moscow

* Recently Updated*
There are very few occasions when a camera ceases to work. One is physical damage. The second is temperature. Welcome to the Moscow set: a series of images captured in the midst of the Russian winter. One has to admire how Muscovites and Russians in general handle such intense weather.

Feria del Ram 2015 · Mallorca

Return to this annual fair held in Mallorca every spring, except that this time the gear used was completely different. This set was entirely shot with the new Olympus EM5 Mark II, and features images from an upcoming review of this little marvel of a camera. The long exposure shots were taken on the diminutive Manfrotto PIXI tripod which complements the size of the gear perfectly. All other shots were shot handheld and with a variety of lenses.

Bulgaria – The Land of Contrast

Bulgaria is a place of many contrasts. Beautiful nature contrasts with poor infrastructure. High end malls and restaurants are surrounded by public spaces in desperate need of renovation. These extreme contrasts can be a great source for street snaps but proved challenging for travel photography since there was always something (or someone) in the frame which looked completely out of place.

Alexander Nevsky – Bulgaria

A set dedicated to the emblematic Alexander Nevsky cathedral in the heart of Sofia. Most of the images were taken with a variety of cameras near dusk, with varying weather conditions. Although access to the cathedral is easy, it is unfortunately surrounded by a car park which is almost always full – making taking a clean shot almost impossible. The stadium lights which illuminate it during the night are orange in colour, and as a result most images online are tinted orange.

Christmas in Mallorca 2014

A small collection of images from a stroll around Palma during Christmas. This years decorations were mostly the same as last years, so some images were shot slightly different. The main shot was taken right after a heavy storm.
Theory4 wishes everyone a prosperous 2015!

Christmas Markets of Berlin

Christmas in Germany has always been a unique experience. The streets glow with lights, the shopping malls are decorated lavishly and inebriated Santa Clauses roam around freely. Each corner hides a miniature Christmas market with ornaments, mittens, and of course plenty of Wursts, Crepes, and Glühwein. Shot once again on a mirrorless system. 

Berlin Christmas Fair

In the past, there have generally been two ways to photograph fairs. The first is the annoying “I’m-not-gonna-have-any-fun-tonight-at-all” professional way, with a top of the line ultra wide lens and lugging a solid tripod. This method guarantees maximum quality with minimal amounts of fun. Awesome.

Details of Autumn

What to shoot on a particularly wet, cold, grey and dreary autumn day? Macros and details of course! A quick walk through South Park provided plenty of tiny objects to focus on – all fresh from the rain for an extra splash of moody water drops.

Valldemossa II – Details

Bokehlicious Valldemossa set featuring the famous cyclamen bicycle and other decorative objects you may encounter while walking around its narrow streets. Most local postcards of Valldemossa don’t feature this bicycle – a shame considering how many artistic opportunities it creates for avid photographers – and what wonderful postcards they may be.

Feria del Ram · Mallorca

So you think photographing a fair is easy? Lets have a look at the other side of the “creative” photographic opportunities fairs can bring, starting with ride times…


Santa Ponsa Sunsets

A few sunsets of the Santa Ponsa coast area in Mallorca. Some required the tripod to be set in the water while balancing on wobbly rocks.

Modern Flat with Sea Views

Spacious modern apartment located in a very sought after exclusive community in Nova Santa Ponsa on the seafront within walking distance of the new marina of Port Adriano.

Minimalist Villa in Puerto Andratx

Minimalist villa’s with sea views are all the rage lately in Mallorca. Photographically, they are not only relatively easy to shoot, but they also look fantastic – the stuff of billboards and brochures. Clients tend to think that villa’s of this caliber are complicated to capture but the reality is quite the opposite: it is the modest looking properties which demand more effort, since they take extra work to make them stand out against fantastic villas like this one.

Valencia: City of Arts and Sciences

Santiago Calatrava is a world-renowned architect, engineer and sculptor. Already well-known in Europe for his unique design aesthetic, Calatrava is beginning to make a name for himself in the United States. Starting with the Milwaukee Art Museum, he has designed a number of public buildings and bridges in the U.S. in recent years. As both Engineer and Architect, his works take materials like concrete, glass and steel beyond the normal bounds.

Manor House Enjoying Panoramic Sea Views

A large manor style house located high in the area of Costa D’en Blanes. This property is unique because of its panoramic sea views and perched location. Full property spec sheet at First Mallorca.


Guggenheim Bilbao

As photographers with a passion for architecture, visiting the Guggenheim had always been something of a mission. Having read numerous publications, it was clear that this iconic building was something different. But it wasn’t until we stood in front of this behemoth that we understood how complicated its design was.

Bridge Hopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is easily one of the most impressive German urban photography locations. You have a bit of everything – busy shopping streets with varied nationalities running around, beautiful old buildings, skyscrapers and even a river passing through for golden hour skylines. On a recent business trip to Frankfurt, only a couple of hours one late afternoon were available for photographic endeavours and they were dedicated to some bridge hopping.

Hallstatt – Austria

Hallstatt is a tiny picturesque village buried deep in the Austrian Alps on the shores of the Hallstätter See. Originally famous for its salt mines, Hallstatt was accessible solely by boat for a long time. Today Hallstatt can be reached via a narrow tunnel built primarily through rock blasting. For a small village of merely 946 inhabitants, Hallstatt certainly gets visited a lot. It is a place with stunning nature, beautifully decorated housing, friendly people and delicious food.

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