November Sky

A set focused on the Skies of Mallorca during the month of November and December 2015. Most are taken at dusk or sunrise, however a couple are taken during mid-day with clear blue skies.

Feria del Ram 2015 · Mallorca

Return to this annual fair held in Mallorca every spring, except that this time the gear used was completely different. This set was entirely shot with the new Olympus EM5 Mark II, and features images from an upcoming review of this little marvel of a camera. The long exposure shots were taken on the diminutive Manfrotto PIXI tripod which complements the size of the gear perfectly. All other shots were shot handheld and with a variety of lenses.

Alexander Nevsky – Bulgaria

A set dedicated to the emblematic Alexander Nevsky cathedral in the heart of Sofia. Most of the images were taken with a variety of cameras near dusk, with varying weather conditions. Although access to the cathedral is easy, it is unfortunately surrounded by a car park which is almost always full – making taking a clean shot almost impossible. The stadium lights which illuminate it during the night are orange in colour, and as a result most images online are tinted orange.

Madrid Lights – 2008

A collection of images taken back in 2008 while exploring Madrid. The (ex)telefonica building was shot from an adjacent balcony at peak dusk hour. The well-known Metropolis building scene was taken from a bus stop across the street, and is the most popular post-card image sold locally.

Christmas in Mallorca 2014

A small collection of images from a stroll around Palma during Christmas. This years decorations were mostly the same as last years, so some images were shot slightly different. The main shot was taken right after a heavy storm.
Theory4 wishes everyone a prosperous 2015!

Berlin Christmas Fair

In the past, there have generally been two ways to photograph fairs. The first is the annoying “I’m-not-gonna-have-any-fun-tonight-at-all” professional way, with a top of the line ultra wide lens and lugging a solid tripod. This method guarantees maximum quality with minimal amounts of fun. Awesome.

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