Sofia in Bloom

This year springtime in Sofia came with a special flower twist – thousands of tulips in some of the most popular locations in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Nishava entrance of South Park has been a home to colourful tulips for several years already, but this year the tulip craze has spread also to the centre – even the spot of the old mausoleum is covered with 22,000 Dutch tulips.

Details of Autumn

What to shoot on a particularly wet, cold, grey and dreary autumn day? Macros and details of course! A quick walk through South Park provided plenty of tiny objects to focus on – all fresh from the rain for an extra splash of moody water drops.

Bulgaria – The Pirin & Rila Mountains

The Pirin and Rila mountains are wonderful locations for both winter and summer tourism – in winter they burst with fans of winter sports and in summer the mountain paths are busy with nature lovers conquering routes full of mesmerising vistas. Both mountains provide a spectacular array of natural phenomena, a delight for any aspiring landscape photographer.


Spring in Mallorca

A walk in the mountains on a fine crisp morning, with the sun promising a hot afternoon, will take you through the most breathtaking countryside, spectacular views, and a silence you can hear broken only by birdsong. 


Almond Trees · Mallorca

A selection of images taken in spring during the blooming of the almond trees in Mallorca.

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Various imagery and close-ups from roses. Photographing roses isn’t as easy as it seems. Aside from needing a macro lens, the intense red tends to blow out the camera sensor’s red channel about 1 stop before the other channels are fully saturated.

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