Ego’s Heroes

Captures from a recent shoot at the Ego Fitness Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria. The task at hand was to create promotional photography for the gym during a Happy Hour event. You’d never expect from such a small gym at a fairly offbeat location to have such a nice and fun atmosphere. Winter 2013

Our favourite yarn boutique PrejdiBG was in need of some promotional shots for a new range of handmade winter accessories. The range features a colourful variety of crochet knit hats, scarfs, and fingerless mittens made of high-end yarns containing plenty of wool for warmth during the cold seasons.



To us Europeans, Asian countries remain something distant and exotic. Beijing was a bliss to shoot around and explore because everything seemed new and different, at least the first couple of days that is. Hordes of people – more than you would see in any busy European capital – go about their daily business while you, the lost photographer, wonder which way to turn and which face to shoot first.


Cathedral Street Artists

During the summer, street artists with a variety of talents set up camp at the base of Palma’s Cathedral, just above “Parc de la Mar”. From cartoonists to Spanish guitar duets, this area becomes a popular tourist spot for children and adults looking for paintings, drawings, music or simply pictures with human statues.



Alexandra needed some semi-casual images for her growing modeling portfolio. We styled her for a drama effect: intense smokey make-up, nearly red lips and a red top for some special flare. The emphasis was on contrast: white skin – dark hair, white shirt – dark jeans…


Son Net Wedding

Highlights of the wedding of Sebastian and Ramona which took place in the Son Net hotel in Mallorca, Spain. The whole event was beautifully organized. The most fun part for us was trailing behind the shiny black Rolls Royce on a curvy mountainous road.



On a warm summer afternoon we escaped to a calm mountain area for a few candid portraits of Mona. We had just gotten hold of a full frame camera and we were curious to see what it could do when paired up with an all time favorite, our Tokina 100 mm prime lens.

Image Copyright by Theory4.

Lucy & Maria

Lucy and Maria both wanted some casual portraits for personal use. We chose a few warm summer days, an off-the-track meadow in a charming Bulgarian park and two zoom lenses. The girls are friends and coworkers and it was easy to create a relaxed and fun environment for the session.

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Prejdi.Bg Model Shoot

Model shoot featuring Kamelia showcasing yarn wear for Bulgarian yarn site

The Night of Stephen Franckevich - by Eduardo Marquez 37

Stephen Franckevich

Magnificent fusion jazz night in honor of Stephen Franckevich. Held in Pacha Palma Nova, Mallorca, the event kicked off with vocals from  Meja, followed by Pierre Swärd,  Estaire Godinez, Joshua Edelman, Deborah Carter, Fernando McCatty, Connie Philip, and many more. The night culminated with Stephen Franckevich singing vocals and playing the trumpet to a cheering crowd of musicians and fans. A truly memorable night!

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