Zlatograd Winter Blues

If you happen to be travelling through Bulgaria, you will rarely find yourself with Zlatograd on your immediate to-do list, yet this magical little town has plenty to offer. Fancy a mountain hike? Plenty of mountains around. Feel like a swim? Cross over to Greece and head to the coast. Feel like relaxing? Stay in town for casual strolls along the stone paved streets, tasty local dishes, souvenir shopping, and of course – lengthy naps at all the totally inappropriate times.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Quick snap around the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Compared to the Porsche museum, the Mercedes museum is bigger and has a wider selection of rooms, including old prototypes from the 19th century and special vehicles reserved for V.I.P.s such as the Queen, the Pope, and numerous rock stars. Missing is the exterior of the Museum which wasn’t ready to be photographed due to the weather.

A Stroll Around Moscow

* Recently Updated*
There are very few occasions when a camera ceases to work. One is physical damage. The second is temperature. Welcome to the Moscow set: a series of images captured in the midst of the Russian winter. One has to admire how Muscovites and Russians in general handle such intense weather.

Bulgaria – The Land of Contrast

Bulgaria is a place of many contrasts. Beautiful nature contrasts with poor infrastructure. High end malls and restaurants are surrounded by public spaces in desperate need of renovation. These extreme contrasts can be a great source for street snaps but proved challenging for travel photography since there was always something (or someone) in the frame which looked completely out of place.

Alexander Nevsky – Bulgaria

A set dedicated to the emblematic Alexander Nevsky cathedral in the heart of Sofia. Most of the images were taken with a variety of cameras near dusk, with varying weather conditions. Although access to the cathedral is easy, it is unfortunately surrounded by a car park which is almost always full – making taking a clean shot almost impossible. The stadium lights which illuminate it during the night are orange in colour, and as a result most images online are tinted orange.

Madrid Lights – 2008

A collection of images taken back in 2008 while exploring Madrid. The (ex)telefonica building was shot from an adjacent balcony at peak dusk hour. The well-known Metropolis building scene was taken from a bus stop across the street, and is the most popular post-card image sold locally.

Christmas Markets of Berlin

Christmas in Germany has always been a unique experience. The streets glow with lights, the shopping malls are decorated lavishly and inebriated Santa Clauses roam around freely. Each corner hides a miniature Christmas market with ornaments, mittens, and of course plenty of Wursts, Crepes, and Glühwein. Shot once again on a mirrorless system. 

Berlin Christmas Fair

In the past, there have generally been two ways to photograph fairs. The first is the annoying “I’m-not-gonna-have-any-fun-tonight-at-all” professional way, with a top of the line ultra wide lens and lugging a solid tripod. This method guarantees maximum quality with minimal amounts of fun. Awesome.

Istanbul II

Another take of a frequent destination: Istanbul. Despite the political turmoil surrounding the city in the media, once you arrive there it all seems the same as always: crowds of people hurrying everywhere, public transport packed to the roof, vendors inviting you in shops and restaurants, tourists queuing up to see the major sights. Locals and foreigners bargain prices loudly at every corner, each of them thinking they are getting the better deal.

Valencia: City of Arts and Sciences

Santiago Calatrava is a world-renowned architect, engineer and sculptor. Already well-known in Europe for his unique design aesthetic, Calatrava is beginning to make a name for himself in the United States. Starting with the Milwaukee Art Museum, he has designed a number of public buildings and bridges in the U.S. in recent years. As both Engineer and Architect, his works take materials like concrete, glass and steel beyond the normal bounds.


Guggenheim Bilbao

As photographers with a passion for architecture, visiting the Guggenheim had always been something of a mission. Having read numerous publications, it was clear that this iconic building was something different. But it wasn’t until we stood in front of this behemoth that we understood how complicated its design was.

Bridge Hopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is easily one of the most impressive German urban photography locations. You have a bit of everything – busy shopping streets with varied nationalities running around, beautiful old buildings, skyscrapers and even a river passing through for golden hour skylines. On a recent business trip to Frankfurt, only a couple of hours one late afternoon were available for photographic endeavours and they were dedicated to some bridge hopping.

Hallstatt – Austria

Hallstatt is a tiny picturesque village buried deep in the Austrian Alps on the shores of the Hallstätter See. Originally famous for its salt mines, Hallstatt was accessible solely by boat for a long time. Today Hallstatt can be reached via a narrow tunnel built primarily through rock blasting. For a small village of merely 946 inhabitants, Hallstatt certainly gets visited a lot. It is a place with stunning nature, beautifully decorated housing, friendly people and delicious food.

Hangar-7 / Salzburg

A two day stop-over in Salzburg on the way to Hallstatt. Odd things first: there is an inordinate number of crippled beggars in Salzburg. Crippled? Yeah crippled! Most are amputees, but some are parked on wheelchairs throughout many passageways and bridges.

Porsche Museum Re-Visited

Featuring ultra modern architecture, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is a marvel of engineering like no other. Each side of the building has a unique facade. What you see in this set is ONE building, photographed from 8 different angles at dusk.

Bulgaria – The Pirin & Rila Mountains

The Pirin and Rila mountains are wonderful locations for both winter and summer tourism – in winter they burst with fans of winter sports and in summer the mountain paths are busy with nature lovers conquering routes full of mesmerising vistas. Both mountains provide a spectacular array of natural phenomena, a delight for any aspiring landscape photographer.


Istanbul – the bridge between Europe and Asia, the ultimate multicultural megapolis sprawling for nearly 150 km along two continents, the trade hotspot. An incessant stream of tourists scouts yearlong through ancient remains, tourist attractions and labyrinth bazaars. Local drivers speed left and right without any indication to other adjacent drivers, even full trucks dive into the most impossibly tiny and crowded streets and yet somehow everyone survives.


Milano – Italy

Milano: world fashion hotspot, financial centre, multi-continental melting pot, pizza heaven. Crowds of people of all ages storm through high-end shops with glamorous displays. Lines of shoppers exploding out of every outlet – even high-end retailers like jewellery chain Tiffany & Co are overloaded with the onslaught of demanding consumers.


Vienna Christmas

A set from a recent spontaneous trip to Vienna.
It is difficult not  to fall in love with the Austrian capital. Its impressive architecture, vast spaces, busy streets and warm people make Vienna a captivating combination of a classical European capital with a busy cosmopolitan feel. The location and efficient infrastructure make it the perfect international hub to connect the East and the West, no wonder so many large companies establish their regional headquarters in Vienna.



To us Europeans, Asian countries remain something distant and exotic. Beijing was a bliss to shoot around and explore because everything seemed new and different, at least the first couple of days that is. Hordes of people – more than you would see in any busy European capital – go about their daily business while you, the lost photographer, wonder which way to turn and which face to shoot first.

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